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The options that are available with Obamacare or short term insurance might not be suitable for your needs, whether your doctor does not take it, or you might not be able to meet the high deductibles in the short term plan or other reasons.

Luckily for you, we do offer other insurance plans that might be able to help fill your needs.

Among the different insurance options that we can offer, as private insurance :

Major Medical
MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage)
Fixed Indemity Plans

Major Medical Plan :

We do offer three major medical insurances – all PPO plans. The three major medical insurances are Cigna, Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) and Private Health Care Systems (PHCS).

These major medical insurances have three different plans, depending on the deductible levels that you take. These plans will cover doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital visits, along with injections. These plans are expensive and do require underwriting.

Underwriting means that they ask medical questions and ask for your previous medical records. Once they approve you, then they can not deny coverage after that.

If you are interested, contact us here and we are happy to discuss this more in detail.

MEC : (Minimum Essential Coverage)

Shortly after Obamacare was placed into law, a group of plans came out called MECs. These insurance plans were designed for those who can not afford Obamacare but still needed health insurance. MECs plans are typically designed to be less expensive than Obamacare plans, but also have a significant reduction of the number of benefits covered than what Obamacare plans cover. For example, sometimes you might not have hospital benefits covered, but office visits and urgent care visits.

Our company represents several insurance plans which meet this standard.

If you are interested, contact us here and we are happy to discuss this more in detail.

Fixed Immedity Plans :

These are not your traditional insurance plans.

Using any doctor who accepts the insurance network that the plans are on, they pay your doctor first a fixed amount and then the rest of the balance would be your balance. They normally have restrictions like how many times in a year you can see a doctor or the number of times you can have an x-ray in a year

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