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Introducing Myself

For those who have just come across our website and all, hi, my name is Neil and I am the owner and founder of Sugarland Insurance Center. Go to the “about us” page to read a formal biography (and see a picture) of who exactly am I.
As you can see, currently we sell health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. But, our range of health, dental, and vision insurance covers from young to old, those who do not get job insurance to those who are visiting the United States. We can do it all. 
We work independently, which means we are able to sell multiple insurance companies for that state. For example, in the state of Texas, we sell Obamacare plans for 6 different companies at the moment. (Go to the Obamacare page to read about it!). By having that ability, we are able to offer as many options, which best suit your needs. 
For me, this is not a job or career or a business, but a way of helping others, by sharing what knowledge that I have in making sure that a person can get insured. There are too many people out there who are uninsured or not even properly insured, and so often because of this, go to the doctor (or dentist) when it is too late to get treatment. By having insurance at the right time, you can then see the doctor or dentist at your convenience and have someone who is always there when those emergencies happen. 
Our website allows you to get basic information on a number of insurance topics from health insurance for under 65 to dental insurance to Medicare. These are topics that everyone has questions about and might not be fully aware of. We also give the opportunity that once you have read the information and are interested, you can always purchase for yourself or you can give us a call and we can help with it, at any time.
Because of this, my services are completely free. You can always call, text me day or night, email me or even send me a message through one of my social media accounts. (See the contact us page for more information). I will always get back to you at my earliest convenience. I am available all 7 days, including all holidays, to help a person or answer a basic question or find a way to insure you.
Our website will be adding new, fresh content regularly, updating the insurance companies we are involved in, new information as it comes about. In this blog, I will write about different topics that I feel are important to cover, update our friends with new updates in the insurance world, or just share some articles which I have come across that are great informative pieces online that had to be shared with our followers. You can always ask me too to write pieces on certain topics and I am always happy to do so!!!
Explore our site, let us know what you think, and get to know us better! And more importantly, let us help you, your family, your friends get properly insured.

Call/ Text: 713-775-1201 | Email:

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